About us

Our mission is to provide an ACD service that seeks to protect investors best interests and adds the greatest value through a robust governance structure, superior industry knowledge, service quality, fund expertise and proactive market engagement.

Link Fund Solutions Limited provides expert independent ACD and fund administration services – allowing you to focus on what you do best, whether that’s investment management, advising clients or fund distribution, secure in the knowledge that highly experienced specialists are managing all aspects of fund operation and oversight on behalf of investors.

We take a partnership approach to working closely with you and ensuring high levels of regulatory awareness and oversight that protect your interests and those of your investors.

Fund services

Few independent ACD service providers can claim the same level of experience and expertise across the full spectrum of fund services: fund administration, transfer agency, compliance oversight, risk management and distribution support.

Key strengths

All aspects of collective investment scheme operation, management, oversight and distribution support are covered by experienced and highly knowledgeable teams within our organisation. We believe that only a business with these capabilities in-house can truly have the expertise to provide the effective and robust oversight expected by both the regulator and investors.

Our in-house expertise also equips us to deliver the same standards of management and oversight to external service providers, where that approach is best suited to your business model.

Stability and expertise

We have the financial strength and stability that comes with being part of a global listed company, which has over £120 billion of assets under management (across the UK, Ireland and Luxembourg). The group has achieved consistent long-term growth, with unusual longevity of tenure among the directors and core team.

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